Welcome to Speed Limit Racing


The mission and purpose of the Speed Limit Racing Venue is to provide a structured environment in which to promote the education and improvement of driving skills in a safe and controlled environment. The Autocross Program is designed to teach each participant advanced car control technique, so that the participants can improve their driving abilities, better understand the handling and dynamics of their vehicle in a real world environment, and become better, safer drivers.

The Speed Limit Racing Tech Committee is pleased to announce an upcoming Tech Session! We hope you will be able to join us at JCG Restorations in Oxnard, CA.
JCG Performance offers true custom performance tuning. "We believe tuning is a science, more empirical than theoretical. Does a new air intake really do anything at all? Does a "Performance" exhaust really help power output? Will a part our client brings to us integrate with factory and other aftermarket parts? We look for the answer in measurable, repeatable performance improvements as shown at the track and on the street."
The mission at JCG is to help each customer discover what they want their car to be. JCG offers a tuning process for making that discovery; for integrating driving habits and preferences, operating conditions, emissions and other regulatory requirements, styling considerations and, of course, ultimate power as measured in torque and horsepower.