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'65 Cobra/Fiercest Of The Fierce
1966 Shelby Cobra Steet Roadster
427 Cobra Exposed
427 Cobra Road Test Nov. '65
A Humourous Road Test
A Man And A Dream
AC Cobra 289
Advent of the 427
Beauty vs. The Beast
Charmed By A Snake
Cobra 427
Cobra Caper The Theft of CSX 2530
Cobra vs. Corvette
Cobras, Real vs. Replica
Coil Sprung Cobras
Corvette vs. Cobra
Cruising In The Originals
CSX 3015, The Cobra to End All Cobras
CSX 4075, Full Comp 4000 Series Cobra
Fastest Of The Fast
Ford Times
HIS Magazine The Hot Sheet
Monterey 2009
Red Legs
SEMA 2009
Shelby Cobra 427 SC
Shelby Super Snake
Shelbys At Mecum
Sports Car Graphic Double Test
Testing The Legend
The 1964 FIA Cobra
The 260 AC Cobra
The First Production Cobra, CSX 2001
The Legend That Will Never Die
The Missing King Cobra
The Real Deal
The Restoration of CSX 3015
The Story of CSX 3113
The Ultimate Shootout!
Too Much Is Just Right
Unfinished Business (AutoWeek)